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Sunday Lunch at Beef & Pudding (Manchester)

I live in constant fear of family get-togethers. The inevitable analysis of my life that accompanies such gatherings has ruined many a Sunday. So escaping to central Manchester for a leisurely Sunday lunch in modern, peaceful surroundings is always preferable to an afternoon of scrutiny from my

Albert’s Restaurant & Bar (Worsley)

Until her dying day, my grandmother had harboured a suspicion of modern TV presenters. A deeply sardonic woman, her main objection to them wasn’t their youth or their sunny disposition; it was the absence of suits. Granny, you see, was stranded in a time where the only

Hearth of the Ram (Ramsbottom)

However many times she sees a sign for Ramsbottom, my partner’s reaction is the same: uncontrollable giggling. The joy she experiences at the mere mention of that beautiful market town has been undiminished by the passage of time, so a trip to the Hearth of the Ram,

Sunday Lunch at Rosso (Manchester)

I am not a football fan. So when it comes to the red-blue Mancunian football divide, I’m Switzerland. However, having no interest in football does have its disadvantages. Football is the traditional medium through which many men communicate in awkward social situations. Don’t know the person sitting

Sunday Lunch at Worsley Park (Salford)

My father is, what some might call, old-school. Like many other men of his generation, he believes that fashionable hair-cuts and tattoos are signs of an underlying childhood trauma and that honesty is preferable to tact. My description might lead you to believe that my father is

Sunday Lunch at The Mark Addy (Salford)

*** UPDATE – Unfortunately, After many years of serving great food, The Mark Addy has recently closed its doors. **** The Mark Addy has been there for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, The Mark Addy’s Cheese and Pâté Board was the

Sunday Lunch at The Northern Quarter Restaurant and Bar (Manchester)

Named after the area which it inhabits, The Northern Quarter Restaurant (TNQ) embodies many of the qualities of its namesake. Its stylish interior and outside eating area, which is located under the shadow of an old market entrance, are popular destinations for fine-diners. So on a rainy

Sunday Lunch at Artisan (Spinningfields, Manchester)

I love new restaurants. Quite often, I stumble into opening days completely by accident: I ate at Jamie’s Italian on their pre-launch event, after noticing it was open on a walk down King Street, and visited Le Relais de Venice L’Entrecôte on their first day under similar

Sunday Lunch at The Parlour (Chorlton – Manchester)

Sunday Lunch. Is there anything more British? It is so closely tied to our national identity that the French refer to us as ‘Roast Beefs’; one can only imagine that it’s not a term of endearment. The most popular account on the origins of the Sunday lunch is