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The New Menu at Mughli (Curry Mile, Manchester)

This autumn, it wasn’t the opening of Manchester House, Mr Cooper’s House & Garden or James Martin Manchester that I was really looking forward to. No. What I was really looking forward to was Mughli’s new menu. Even the news that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, had

The Hungry Gecko (Chorlton – Manchester)

There are almost as many definitions for ‘street food’ as there are types of food and vendors selling it. To people in the developing world it is more likely to mean convenient and cheap local dishes served by street hawkers; to us, a  way of sampling food

Kool Runnings (Old Trafford – Manchester)

There was a time when eating from a van meant being served lukewarm, often unsanitary, food by a hirsute man who looked like he had probably served time for violent offences. Those mobile botulism-dispensaries still exist, but the emerging culture of street-food has meant that there are lots