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Australasia (Spinningfields, Manchester)

“What the hell is that!” said my partner, pointing at the enigmatic glass prism that had somehow sprung up in Spinningfields. We circled it like prehistoric cavemen, touching it, testing its boundaries, not comprehending the alien structure in the middle of what was once familiar. More than

Breakfast at Carluccio’s (Spinningfields, Manchester)

As a Mancunian, I have become accustomed to comments about Manchester’s weather. “Come here to escape the rain, have you?” and “Did you know that Manchester’s the rainiest city in England?” are popular openers – often from well-meaning non-Mancunians who are keen to establish some common ground.

In Bloom (Spinningfields, Manchester)

An oasis in the middle of Bankersville. That’s the description that sprung to mind when I first saw Spiningfields’s latest ‘pop-up’ bar. In Bloom is located on the edge of ‘The Lawns’: a grassy area in the centre of a sterile landscape of imposing glass office-buildings and spotlessly

Sunday Lunch at Artisan (Spinningfields, Manchester)

I love new restaurants. Quite often, I stumble into opening days completely by accident: I ate at Jamie’s Italian on their pre-launch event, after noticing it was open on a walk down King Street, and visited Le Relais de Venice L’Entrecôte on their first day under similar

The Alchemist (Spinningfields, Manchester)

Alchemy. The practice of converting common materials into gold. This was no doubt Living Ventures’s intention with The Alchemist in Spinningfields. For those of you that don’t know, Living Ventures is one of those companies that own lots of places you’ve heard of but somehow manage to remain