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Albert’s Restaurant & Bar (Worsley)

Until her dying day, my grandmother had harboured a suspicion of modern TV presenters. A deeply sardonic woman, her main objection to them wasn’t their youth or their sunny disposition; it was the absence of suits. Granny, you see, was stranded in a time where the only

Red’s True Barbecue (Manchester)

A new barbecue restaurant was all the excuse I needed for a blowout. After a month of abstinence, inspired by a requirement to fit into trousers without an elasticated waistband, I decided that the opening week of Red’s True Barbecue was the perfect occasion to throw myself

Cocka Doodle Moo (Stockport)

Manchester City Centre has more than its fair share of burger joints, but there aren’t too many in the back-waters south of Manchester. So not wanting to travel too far, my wife and I arranged a visit to Cocka Doodle Moo with family. Benefiting from being located

The January taster menu at James Martin Manchester

Despite my inexplicable guilt-response when confronted with any type of authority, I made it through casino security with only a fleeting feeling that I’d stolen something. I was looking forward to returning to James Martin Manchester. So when I received an invitation to try their January special,

Avanti Restaurant and Grill (Heaton Moor, Cheshire)

I am fortunate to have some excellent local eateries in Heaton Moor, and Avanti is one of my favourites. I went on Saturday evening, with my wife, and it was as busy as ever. I tend to order from Avanti’s ‘specials’ menu, as I’ve found it to

Manchester House (Manchester)

A rainy Mancunian Tuesday isn’t an obvious cause for celebration, but this Tuesday was different. The wait was over. After a couple of postponements, Living Ventures’ latest restaurant, with Aiden Byrne at the helm, had finally opened its doors. My partner and I had booked in months

Nutters Restaurant (Rochdale)

The wait was finally over. It had been over three years since we visited Nutters, one of the best restaurants in Greater Manchester. My wife and I were both excited, having checked their sample menus online, and so I made the forty minute journey to Rochdale. On

Tampopo (Trafford Centre)

“Really? Do we have to? You know I can’t stand it; in fact, I hate the place…” I uttered these words in response to my wife informing me that we had to go to The Trafford Centre. It’s safe to say that The Trafford Centre is not

Earle (Hale – Cheshire)

After having eaten at Greens in Didsbury, Earle had some serious competition. Both restaurants are owned by Simon Rimmer and Greens is a vegetarian restaurant, whereas Earle serves a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Earle is situated in Hale town centre and has convenient parking nearby: at a train