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Sunday Lunch at The Northern Quarter Restaurant and Bar (Manchester)

Named after the area which it inhabits, The Northern Quarter Restaurant (TNQ) embodies many of the qualities of its namesake. Its stylish interior and outside eating area, which is located under the shadow of an old market entrance, are popular destinations for fine-diners. So on a rainy

Common Bar (Northern Quarter, Manchester)

“It’s an art space!” said my partner testily, and not for the first time. I blinked with an uncomprehending look on my face. “This whole room; it’s an art space,” she offered, pointing helpfully at the murals on the walls. This type of exchange is a common occurrence in

Pie & Ale (Northern Quarter – Manchester)

What could be simpler than a pie and ale? Simple pleasures. Far removed from fine dining and the uncertainty of which wine to choose for each course. There are probably those for who pies and ale evoke images of grim-faced old men in smoky pubs, staring mournfully

Luck Lust Liquor & Burn (Northern Quarter – Manchester)

By the time we arrived, the Northern Quarter street party was in full swing. Music was blaring out of every pub and restaurant door and revellers were crowding the narrow streets. The relative and uncharacteristic quiet of Luck Lust Liquor & Burn  made us feel like we were survivors sheltering

Birthday Angst in the Northern Quarter

I’ve never been a fan of birthdays, particularly my own. I consider myself to be an otherwise rational and reasonable person who suffers from a form of temporary insanity on one particular day of the year…my birthday. Over the years, my saintly partner has developed a number

Almost Famous (Northern Quarter – Manchester)

Just like a ringing phone must be answered, a queue outside a popular restaurant must be joined. I’d managed to fight the impulse to join the permanent queue outside Almost Famous for some time, but I’d always been curious about eating there. I wasn’t sure what to

‘Life Aquatic’ at SoLIta

I can’t stop visiting SoLIta. I walk around the Northern Quarter, look at the many eating establishments, but eventually find myself holding a SoLIta menu. So it was that I ended up ordering their new ‘Life Aquatic’ burger this Easter Sunday. I’ve written about SoLIta on a

SoLIta – The Return

I’ve often thought that equating food with love was the ultimate in foodie corniness. Having said that, SoLIta and I recently had our fourth date. Every meal I’d  previously had at SoLIta had been excellent and the 36 hour slow-roasted pork belly, which I ordered during our last