MFDF Nominee 2013 – Food Pub Of The Year Archive

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Sunday Lunch at The Mark Addy (Salford)

*** UPDATE – Unfortunately, After many years of serving great food, The Mark Addy has recently closed its doors. **** The Mark Addy has been there for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, The Mark Addy’s Cheese and Pâté Board was the

The Albert Square Chop House (Manchester)

The Albert Square Chop House is proud of its Northern roots. The photographs on the walls, of its beautifully restored Venetian Gothic building, are a testament to this simple fact. Each photograph tells a story. Musicians, actors, journalists and ordinary people who have one thing in common:

Sunday Lunch at The Parlour (Chorlton – Manchester)

Sunday Lunch. Is there anything more British? It is so closely tied to our national identity that the French refer to us as ‘Roast Beefs’; one can only imagine that it’s not a term of endearment. The most popular account on the origins of the Sunday lunch is