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Jasmine (Chorlton)

I’m an obsessive. Not the dangerous kind, but when I find a restaurant I like, I go there a lot. Jasmine is the first place that I’ve ever visited twice in one day. I decided to try Jasmine, a restaurant specialising in Middle Eastern food, after it

Beirut Restaurant (Rusholme, Manchester)

Manchester’s ‘curry mile’ has undergone a transformation in recent years. As the number of old-style ‘curry houses’ – serving food from the Indian subcontinent – has fallen, new types of eateries have moved in to take their place: Middle-Eastern restaurants, Afghan grills and so many Shisha cafés

Aladdin Restaurant (Withington, Manchester)

It had been around 15 years since I last visited the Aladdin Restaurant. No flying carpets or brass lamps, just good, wholesome Middle Eastern Food. Aladdin is located in Withington, and to be honest it looks more like a take-away, as you approach, but once inside there

Meat Club Manchester Event at The Parlour in Chorlton

I have never thought of butchery as a spectator event. Neither had I considered that a demonstration of the art of butchery could be delivered with a combination of humour and reverence for the subject. Lee Frost managed to do both with the easy and approachable style of

Afghan Cuisine

The curry-mile, in Rusholme, Manchester, has changed over the years. It used to be solely populated by restaurants serving Indian food to tourists and  inebriated students. Those restaurants still exist, but a significant number of them have been replaced by Middle Eastern and more diverse Asian establishments. The