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Avanti Restaurant and Grill (Heaton Moor, Cheshire)

I am fortunate to have some excellent local eateries in Heaton Moor, and Avanti is one of my favourites. I went on Saturday evening, with my wife, and it was as busy as ever. I tend to order from Avanti’s ‘specials’ menu, as I’ve found it to

Sunday Lunch at Rosso (Manchester)

I am not a football fan. So when it comes to the red-blue Mancunian football divide, I’m Switzerland. However, having no interest in football does have its disadvantages. Football is the traditional medium through which many men communicate in awkward social situations. Don’t know the person sitting

Breakfast at San Carlo Cicchetti (Manchester)

There was something wrong with our waiter. One of the best things about being on holiday is having a leisurely breakfast. The sun was shining, a responsibility-free day stretched out before me and I was about to be fed. The perfect day. But, there was something wrong

Cibo (Didsbury, Manchester)

I love Italian food. And I love tapas. The marriage of the two should be my food heaven and when I heard of the new Cibo restaurant in Didsbury, serving Italian tapas and which had opened its doors only a month earlier,  my wife and I decided

San Carlo (Manchester)

Italian restaurants have a special place in my earliest memories of eating out. They were exotic, in a time before sushi-bars and restaurants that serve bacon and egg ice cream.  The owner knew your name and flirted shamelessly with the female members of your party. Good times…

Carluccio’s (Trafford Centre)

I’m not normally a fan of eating in the Trafford Centre but it’s convenient and the parking is free. On a work-night, and with convenience in mind, a few of us decided to brave the intimidating opulence of the Roman-inspired approach to the Trafford Centre and take