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The New Menu at Mughli (Curry Mile, Manchester)

This autumn, it wasn’t the opening of Manchester House, Mr Cooper’s House & Garden or James Martin Manchester that I was really looking forward to. No. What I was really looking forward to was Mughli’s new menu. Even the news that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, had

Nawaab (Levenshulme, Manchester)

All-you-can-eat buffets always bring out the only-child in me. I look suspiciously at people that are ahead of me in the queue, certain that they’ll pile their plates high from the limited supply of my favourite dish. I am not a good sharer…  It has taken several

Rajdoot Tandoori (Albert Square, Manchester)

Rajdoot Tandoori has been serving Indian food since before I was born. Their Manchester branch, famed to be Europe’s first Tandoori restaurant, opened in 1966 – the year that saw England beat Germany to win the World Cup and the first episode of Star Trek. Given its long history, I

Akbar’s (Manchester)

It had been a long time since I’d visited Akbar’s for a sit-down meal. As anyone that has ever walked past their Manchester city centre location will tell you, Akbar’s is a busy restaurant. Not just ‘regular busy’ but unbelievably so. Weekday nights are like other restaurants’

The Jungle Book at Mughli (Rusholme, Manchester)

There is something special happening to Indian food in Manchester. Far from the tired ‘curry house’ formula of many curry-mile establishments, Mughli is a restaurant with a difference: it has the ability to surprise. So when I heard about their special ‘Jungle Book’ menu of traditional street-food,

Spice Valley (Bolton)

The worst thing about going to the pictures after work is the bickering. Not about which film to watch, as you might imagine, but about when to eat (before or after the film) and where to eat. Being hungry and tired is not conducive to making those

EastZEast Riverside (Manchester)

Curry is my desert island food. In an improbable scenario where I am forced to choose one type of food for the rest of my life, I would probably go with curry. My partner and I have a tradition of sorts: on returning from holiday we go

Shampan (Cardigan – Wales)

I was holidaying in Wales last week so, being a curry lover, I decided to find an Indian Restaurant in Cardigan. My 12 year old daughter also enjoys a curry so when I told her there was a moored boat on the River Teifi – converted into