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The Almost New Almost Famous (Manchester)

Image is all about context. If you’ve ever stared in bemusement at someone wearing shades in a dark nightclub, you’ll know what I mean. Almost Famous was a good fit for the Northern Quarter, with its Bohemian atmosphere and trendy bars. In its new surroundings, on the

All Star Lanes (Manchester)

Ever wondered what it was like in 50’s America? A big fan of Back to the Future? Well, All Star Lanes is the place for you. Walking through its large glass door, I felt like I had steppped though a portal to Rockabilly heaven – albeit a version

The Beagle (Chorlton – Manchester)

The Beagle describes itself as a ‘beer house and dining room’ serving the people of Chorlton and beyond; it’s located on Barlow Moor Road – one of the main roads through Chorlton – and is one of the many trendy places springing up throughout Manchester. On walking in, I was