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The New Menu at Mughli (Curry Mile, Manchester)

This autumn, it wasn’t the opening of Manchester House, Mr Cooper’s House & Garden or James Martin Manchester that I was really looking forward to. No. What I was really looking forward to was Mughli’s new menu. Even the news that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, had

Beirut Restaurant (Rusholme, Manchester)

Manchester’s ‘curry mile’ has undergone a transformation in recent years. As the number of old-style ‘curry houses’ – serving food from the Indian subcontinent – has fallen, new types of eateries have moved in to take their place: Middle-Eastern restaurants, Afghan grills and so many Shisha cafés

The Jungle Book at Mughli (Rusholme, Manchester)

There is something special happening to Indian food in Manchester. Far from the tired ‘curry house’ formula of many curry-mile establishments, Mughli is a restaurant with a difference: it has the ability to surprise. So when I heard about their special ‘Jungle Book’ menu of traditional street-food,

Mughli (Rusholme – Manchester)

There is a certain kind of snobbery about the ‘Curry Mile’. Many Mancunians think of it as a poor-man’s Las Vegas with curry, dismiss it as touristy and talk about how, ‘you cant get a decent curry down there anymore…’ While I agree that the quality of