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Bar San Juan (Chorlton, Manchester)

I’ve always been fond of tapas. In contrast to the traditional three-course-meal, where choice is limited to three dishes and you stare enviously at what your companions have ordered, tapas allows for variety and sharing. Unfortunately, its popularity has spawned a plethora of establishments that serve poor-quality

Sunday Lunch at The Parlour (Chorlton – Manchester)

Sunday Lunch. Is there anything more British? It is so closely tied to our national identity that the French refer to us as ‘Roast Beefs’; one can only imagine that it’s not a term of endearment. The most popular account on the origins of the Sunday lunch is

The Hungry Gecko (Chorlton – Manchester)

There are almost as many definitions for ‘street food’ as there are types of food and vendors selling it. To people in the developing world it is more likely to mean convenient and cheap local dishes served by street hawkers; to us, a  way of sampling food

Meat Club Manchester Event at The Parlour in Chorlton

I have never thought of butchery as a spectator event. Neither had I considered that a demonstration of the art of butchery could be delivered with a combination of humour and reverence for the subject. Lee Frost managed to do both with the easy and approachable style of

The Beagle (Chorlton – Manchester)

The Beagle describes itself as a ‘beer house and dining room’ serving the people of Chorlton and beyond; it’s located on Barlow Moor Road – one of the main roads through Chorlton – and is one of the many trendy places springing up throughout Manchester. On walking in, I was