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Breakfast at Sam’s Chop House (Manchester)

Sam’s Chop House was where I first experienced ‘the meat sweats’: defined by the Urban Dictionary as, “To consume an obscene amount of meat resulting in profuse sweating”. Several years had passed since my partner and I ordered a meat-platter for four, complete with Béarnaise sauce, and

Breakfast at Carluccio’s (Spinningfields, Manchester)

As a Mancunian, I have become accustomed to comments about Manchester’s weather. “Come here to escape the rain, have you?” and “Did you know that Manchester’s the rainiest city in England?” are popular openers – often from well-meaning non-Mancunians who are keen to establish some common ground.

Breakfast at 47 King Street West (Manchester)

Breakfast in a booth, and I was on holiday. Short of a lottery win, I could not have been happier. 47 King Street West is a beautifully decorated restaurant, just off Deansgate in Manchester City Centre. I had walked past it on a number of occasions and

Breakfast at San Carlo Cicchetti (Manchester)

There was something wrong with our waiter. One of the best things about being on holiday is having a leisurely breakfast. The sun was shining, a responsibility-free day stretched out before me and I was about to be fed. The perfect day. But, there was something wrong