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Jasmine (Chorlton)

I’m an obsessive. Not the dangerous kind, but when I find a restaurant I like, I go there a lot. Jasmine is the first place that I’ve ever visited twice in one day. I decided to try Jasmine, a restaurant specialising in Middle Eastern food, after it

The Bloody Mary Buffet at Beef & Pudding

Using alcohol as an antidote to the ravages of the previous night’s bingeing is counterintuitive at best and masochistic at worst. As a remedy for a hangover, however, the consumption of alcohol does have a numbing effect and sounds more fun than the medically approved ‘electrolyte replacement’

Sunday Lunch at Beef & Pudding (Manchester)

I live in constant fear of family get-togethers. The inevitable analysis of my life that accompanies such gatherings has ruined many a Sunday. So escaping to central Manchester for a leisurely Sunday lunch in modern, peaceful surroundings is always preferable to an afternoon of scrutiny from my

Albert’s Restaurant & Bar (Worsley)

Until her dying day, my grandmother had harboured a suspicion of modern TV presenters. A deeply sardonic woman, her main objection to them wasn’t their youth or their sunny disposition; it was the absence of suits. Granny, you see, was stranded in a time where the only

Red’s True Barbecue (Manchester)

A new barbecue restaurant was all the excuse I needed for a blowout. After a month of abstinence, inspired by a requirement to fit into trousers without an elasticated waistband, I decided that the opening week of Red’s True Barbecue was the perfect occasion to throw myself

Cocka Doodle Moo (Stockport)

Manchester City Centre has more than its fair share of burger joints, but there aren’t too many in the back-waters south of Manchester. So not wanting to travel too far, my wife and I arranged a visit to Cocka Doodle Moo with family. Benefiting from being located

The Almost New Almost Famous (Manchester)

Image is all about context. If you’ve ever stared in bemusement at someone wearing shades in a dark nightclub, you’ll know what I mean. Almost Famous was a good fit for the Northern Quarter, with its Bohemian atmosphere and trendy bars. In its new surroundings, on the

The January taster menu at James Martin Manchester

Despite my inexplicable guilt-response when confronted with any type of authority, I made it through casino security with only a fleeting feeling that I’d stolen something. I was looking forward to returning to James Martin Manchester. So when I received an invitation to try their January special,

Annies Manchester

Hidden on a side-street off St Annes Square in Manchester, Annies is easy to miss. I must’ve walked past it a hundred times and never thought about what lived behind the partly covered doors at its entrance. A rumour that they served one of the best Sunday