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Hearth of the Ram (Ramsbottom)

However many times she sees a sign for Ramsbottom, my partner’s reaction is the same: uncontrollable giggling. The joy she experiences at the mere mention of that beautiful market town has been undiminished by the passage of time, so a trip to the Hearth of the Ram,

Sunday Lunch at The Mark Addy (Salford)

*** UPDATE – Unfortunately, After many years of serving great food, The Mark Addy has recently closed its doors. **** The Mark Addy has been there for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, The Mark Addy’s Cheese and Pâté Board was the

Bar San Juan (Chorlton, Manchester)

I’ve always been fond of tapas. In contrast to the traditional three-course-meal, where choice is limited to three dishes and you stare enviously at what your companions have ordered, tapas allows for variety and sharing. Unfortunately, its popularity has spawned a plethora of establishments that serve poor-quality

Australasia (Spinningfields, Manchester)

“What the hell is that!” said my partner, pointing at the enigmatic glass prism that had somehow sprung up in Spinningfields. We circled it like prehistoric cavemen, touching it, testing its boundaries, not comprehending the alien structure in the middle of what was once familiar. More than

Yuzu (Manchester)

Had I been naughty? I sat on a stool, facing a wooden wall, with a lingering sense that I might have misbehaved. On a later visit to Yuzu, I realised the restaurant layout is simple, wooden and clean (in the décor sense as well as the hygienic), with

Sunday Lunch at Artisan (Spinningfields, Manchester)

I love new restaurants. Quite often, I stumble into opening days completely by accident: I ate at Jamie’s Italian on their pre-launch event, after noticing it was open on a walk down King Street, and visited Le Relais de Venice L’Entrecôte on their first day under similar

Breakfast at San Carlo Cicchetti (Manchester)

There was something wrong with our waiter. One of the best things about being on holiday is having a leisurely breakfast. The sun was shining, a responsibility-free day stretched out before me and I was about to be fed. The perfect day. But, there was something wrong

The Albert Square Chop House (Manchester)

The Albert Square Chop House is proud of its Northern roots. The photographs on the walls, of its beautifully restored Venetian Gothic building, are a testament to this simple fact. Each photograph tells a story. Musicians, actors, journalists and ordinary people who have one thing in common:

The Oast House (Spinningfields, Manchester)

With the summer sun comes the urge to sit outside, eat barbecued meat, and drink copious amounts of alcohol. The transplanted 16th century oast house on Spinningfields – moved to Manchester from Kent – checks all of these boxes. But what really drew me to The Oast