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Byron (Manchester)

Do restaurants treat you differently if you’re invited to write about them? Logic tells you yes, but I wanted to see what differences, if any, there were. Would the food be better, larger portions maybe, or would they go as far as to compliment my style of

Almost Famous (Northern Quarter – Manchester)

Just like a ringing phone must be answered, a queue outside a popular restaurant must be joined. I’d managed to fight the impulse to join the permanent queue outside Almost Famous for some time, but I’d always been curious about eating there. I wasn’t sure what to

‘Life Aquatic’ at SoLIta

I can’t stop visiting SoLIta. I walk around the Northern Quarter, look at the many eating establishments, but eventually find myself holding a SoLIta menu. So it was that I ended up ordering their new ‘Life Aquatic’ burger this Easter Sunday. I’ve written about SoLIta on a

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Trafford Centre)

The quest for the perfect burger took a detour – away from the trendy burger-mile in the Northern Quarter –  to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) in Trafford. GBK had been recommended by a former colleague so I decided, after reviewing the likes of SoLIta and Burger Joint,

Burger Joint (New York)

New York is a place of hidden treasures. One such treasure – the simply named “Burger Joint” – is hidden behind a large velour curtain in the lobby of Le Parker Meridien hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The hotel itself gives no clue as to the existence of the Burger

Mud Crab Cafe

My wife and I visited the Mud Crab Cafe / Diner in Didsbury on a Thursday lunchtime. When we arrived, well after the lunctime rush, the restaurant was still relatively busy. The restaurant had a relaxed vibe to it and we were quickly shown to our table


I visited SoLIta (South of Little Italy) mainly out of curiosity. A friend had been there for his birthday lunch and made an astonishing claim: he had just eaten the world’s ‘best burger’! SoLIta is a small and stylish restaurant, with a great atmosphere, hidden away in