Outside Beef & Pudding in Manchester

I live in constant fear of family get-togethers. The inevitable analysis of my life that accompanies such gatherings has ruined many a Sunday. So escaping to central Manchester for a leisurely Sunday lunch in modern, peaceful surroundings is always preferable to an afternoon of scrutiny from my nearest-and-dearest.

The newly opened Beef & Pudding, with its stylish, airy dining room met most of my requirements, and news that Nicola Duncan (the chef responsible for an amazing Sunday lunch I’d eaten at The Parlour) had moved there convinced me to make the trip to the city centre.

My partner decided to stick with the fixed price Sunday Service menu and ordered the Proper Duck Pate served with farmhouse chutney and toast; I decided to super-size my main course, so I ordered the Potted Shrimp Cakes from the main menu. Both starters were excellent. The hot and crispy Potted shrimp cakes – suspended in a tasty, creamy smoked haddock chowder – were delicious. I stole some of my partner’s pate and the combination of the buttery pate and the sweet chutney was amazing – I could’ve eaten her whole portion.

For the main course, we both decided to order the Roast Rump of Mature English Beef. My partner’s portion was large and more than enough for the heartiest appetite. My portion was terrifying. Two large Yorkshire puddings sat on top of a mountain of meat and vegetables with a sea of gravy surrounding the whole arrangement like a moat. I was speechless. After regaining my composure, I managed to eat about a third of my portion. The meat was tender, the potatoes well seasoned and tasty, and the veg perfectly cooked. It almost killed me. We both skulked away, defeated by the large portions, and went off in search of shelter so we could sleep.

Beef & Pudding serve a great Sunday lunch and I can’t wait to return, not just to test myself against the challenge of finishing the super-sized Sunday roast but to try more of their menu. I’ll keep you posted.

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