Albert's Restaurant & Bar in WorsleyUntil her dying day, my grandmother had harboured a suspicion of modern TV presenters. A deeply sardonic woman, her main objection to them wasn’t their youth or their sunny disposition; it was the absence of suits. Granny, you see, was stranded in a time where the only people who appeared on television were serious men who read the news in their Sunday best.

I could feel my grandmother’s judgment as I walked into the attractively decorated dining room of Albert’s Restaurant & Bar. While most urban restaurant-goers opt for casual dress, you are more likely to find traditional smartly dressed diners the further away you travel from a city centre. Located several miles from the centre of Manchester, Albert’s is that type of place, and the majority of its patrons believe that a trip to a restaurant is an occasion to dress up. My friend and I attracted a few disapproving stares at our trainers, but the atmosphere was good.

I ordered the pan fried chicken livers from the starter section of the fixed price Sunday menu; my friend, the smoked haddock and gruyere fishcakes. The perfectly cooked livers, slightly pink in the middle and tender, were covered in a tasty, creamy marsala sauce and placed on a delicious slice of toasted bread. A very good starter. My friend wasn’t interested in sharing his starter, but I’d tried the fishcakes from Albert’s Restaurant & Bar in Manchester city centre only a month before, and I can recommend them.

For the main course, we both decided to go for the roast rump of beef. As my bathroom scales bear witness, I’ve eaten a lot of roast dinners since I started blogging. This one ranks highly among them. The potatoes were crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and well seasoned. The thinly carved layers of beef were coated in a savoury gravy, accompanied by a large Yorkshire pudding, and surrounded by a generous helping of vegetables. A great Sunday lunch.

Albert’s is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene in Worsley, and I look forward to trying their a la carte menu on my next visit. Given the quality of the food and the price (£15.95 for two courses and £17.95 for three courses), the set Sunday lunch menu at Albert’s is great value. Just remember to wear your deck shoes with a pair of smart-casual Chinos and drape a jumper over your shoulders – if you don’t want to disappoint the other diners…

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